From Novelty Cocktail Perfumes to Minimalist Voda Gifts

 - May 27, 2017
May 2017 alcohol reveal several novelty items that can be added to cocktails to enhance their appearance or flavor, as well as unique alcoholic gifts offered by tech brands.

The 'Raspberry Shimmer Pop a Ball For Prosecco' is an edible shimmer dust that can be used to enhance the appearance and flavors of the cocktails it is added to. Another example of novelty alcohol-related products is Alice & the Magician's edible perfumes, which come in a range of flavors and can be sprayed onto beverages and food to enhance their flavors.

Google is known for its hospitality towards its employees, and the brand also extends that hospitality to its visitors. To do this, the company's Campus Warsaw in Poland hands out elegant, minimalist vodka bottles to its visitors on special occasions.