The ClearVia Probiotic Blend Helps the Body Metabolize Alcohol

 - Apr 22, 2017
References: clearvia & trndmonitor
Sometimes just one or two drinks can cause a hangover, so the ClearVia Probiotic Blend is a new supplement that is purported to help stave off that awful morning after feeling using a specialty mix of nutrients.

The supplement works by being taken with water after you've arrived home and before you're heading to bed. After taking the supplement, the probiotics within the mix will go to work to help your body metabolize the alcohol in your system to let you wake up in the morning refreshed.

The ClearVia Probiotic Blend supplement is positioned as being an effective supplement for those who lead active, social lifestyles that head out for a drink or two after work with colleagues. They can simply take a dose of the supplement when they get home to be ready and refreshed for work the next day.