City Social's 'Mirage' is the World's First Augmented Reality Cocktail Menu

City Social is a restaurant and bar that will soon be launching 'Mirage,' the world's first augmented reality cocktail menu.

After choosing and being served a drink off of the menu, guests will have the opportunity to see their selected drink in a new light with augmented reality technology. Through the lens of a mobile screen and Mirage, patrons will be able to see their drink come to life before their eyes with artwork and animations inspired by the theme of "art through the ages" and influential iconic artists, from Vincent van Gogh to Banksy.

Drinks on the cocktail menu include options like 'Sashay,' which captures the essence of the distinctive Art Nouveau movement, and 'Dogstone Brew,' which comes to life through augmented reality with hot air balloons and imagery that reminds of Monty Python's style.