- Apr 29, 2017
Considering the popular theory that alcohol predates bread, it should come as no surprise that the April 2017 alcohol trends represent a variable and complex set of ideas. Not only does alcohol comprise countless types of beverages, but the cultures that surround styles of drinking also vary immensely.

Some see drinking as a high brow endeavor. For those, cocktails are often the drink of choice, and mixologists have continued to push the boundaries in April. Silent Pool's 'Cocktail Mists' are fragrant sprays that amateur bartenders can spritz on their cocktails as a type of liquid garnish, adding a multi-sensory dimension to their drink.

Beer culture, on the other hand, tends to eschew pretensions in favor of pure consumption. Function Brewery in Bloomington, Indiana, hosted an event in which it paired its beers with Girl Scout cookies.

From Perfume-Flavored Cocktails to Decadent Dessert Beers: