Melbourne's Spice Market Has Artificial Snow and Flying Scenery Nightly

Those who have grown tired of the typical club scene are sure to appreciate the Spice Market in Melbourne, Australia.

Both a bar and a lounge, the venue was created by Geremy and Dean Lucas. Its impressive menu was curated by Greg Malouf, an internationally recognized award-winning chef. With a highly modern aesthetic, the bar and lounge is perfect for patrons who are looking for a lavish getaway from their everyday routines. Although the entire venue is filled with unique artifacts and covered in beautiful fabrics, it's the interactive LED lights that make the Spice Market really stand out. These lights seem to cover almost the entirety of the venue and stunning projections complement them for a truly impressive look.

As the Spice Market has a Himalayan theme, the venue is also accompanied by immaculate slow flurries on a nightly basis.