The Mifuwi Wine Products are Conveniently Packaged in a Pouch

 - Apr 17, 2017
References: foodbev
Enjoying wine outside of the home can be something of a chore, so the Mifuwi wine products are packaged to make it far simpler to do so. Packed in convenient pouches, the Mifuwi wine beverages have an ABV of 11% and come in two size variations. The resealable DoyPack pouches enable drinkers to enjoy the beverages at their leisure and reseal them to finish later.

The Mifuwi wine products are ready-to-drink and require no mixing or other ingredients in order to be enjoyed. The libations are simple to open and pour into a glass to drink at the beach or another designated area where alcohol is permitted. The Mifuwi wine beverages are set to be available in two flavor options including sangria and wine cola, with more coming soon.