- Aug 26, 2017
Lifestyle is a broad term, and the August 2017 lifestyle trends prove it to be a broad topic as well. After all, lifestyle can refer to so many different things: food, activities, sports, fitness, events, and so much more. Any person's life encompasses a mixed palette, and so the top lifestyle trends truly show off the greatest and newest ideas and products from around the world.

Seeing as it's the summertime around the northern hemisphere, many of the top August 2017 lifestyle trends are geared toward outdoor activities. Liftfoil's new hovering surfboard, for example, is a surfboard concept that sits several feet above the water, giving riders a lifted experience. Along the same lines, surf technology company Varial has created a new board material from infused glass, leading to lighter, stronger boards.

From Unicorn-Inspired Cannolis to Avocado Bathing Suits: