Nike Flyknit Sports Bras Use the Same Technology as the Revolutionary Shoes

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: nike & fashionista
The Nike Flyknit sports bras will utilize the same precise knit construction that revolutionized the shoe industry.

In order for athletes to achieve a full range of motion, sports bras have to be equal parts comfortable and functional. Sports bras are typically designed one of two ways: with "compression," which tightly fits across the wearer's chest to limit movement or "encapsulation," the more common of the two with a design that creates cups for each breast. The one-size-fits all mentality of the garment makes sports bras a necessary evil for athletes.

The Nike Flyknit sports bra incorporates both of these designs to produce a support garment that's breathable and flexible enough to comfortably fit the wearer. The bra is designed to be made of just two pieces of fabric and promises to be stretchier, airier and more supportive than ever before.