The 'Combo' Reusable Water Bottles Infuse Nutrition into H2O

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: cruxproductdesign & yankodesign
The 'Combo' Reusable Water Bottles are designed to enable you to infuse your H2O with additional nutritional support in order to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while hydrating. The 'Combo' bottle is the design work of Edward Sims and Andrea Ceccaroni, and is compatible for use with nutrition cartridges that are intended to be loaded into the top portion of the bottle. When the person goes to take a sip, they can choose between whether they want normal water or a boosted sip, which will then infuse the water with nutrients as it passed through the pod.

The 'Combo' Reusable Water Bottles are intended to ensure you are always hydrated, while also increasing your nutritional intake of healthy natural supplements.