Soylent's New Bottles are in a Shape Known as Sqround

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: soylent & fastcodesign
For Soylent's new bottles, the fledgling meal replacement company shifted from its familiar, somewhat idiosyncratic bottle design. While the first edition of Soylent's pre-bottled meal replacement beverage came in a cylindrical bottle with a tapered lower half and an artful foot at the bottom, like a punctuating serif, the new bottles take a more common form known in the packaging industry as sqround.

Soylent's new bottles are known as sqround because they're a combination of square and round bottles. With the company's original, entirely round bottles, the product would often get damaged during shipping, because round the bottles would touch each other at four pressure points. With the sqround shape, bottles make contact across a wider surface area, reducing pressure and ensuring the bottles stay intact. Meanwhile, the rounded edges ensure that Soylent's new bottles don't catch while making turns through the manufacturing facility.