DHC's Collagen Powder is Added to Beverages to Beautify Skin

 - Jan 25, 2016
References: watsons.sg
While protein and fiber supplements help one stay fit and balanced, collagen powders like this DHC product beautify one's skin and make it look younger. The Japanese beauty brand creates convenient skincare remedies like this kit which is recommended to be used for 30 days.

As we grow older, our collagen production is affected, leading to wrinkled skin that features less elasticity. This collagen powder supplement can be added to a bottle of water, a morning smoothie or even a glass of milk and is easily absorbed into the body.

The result is skin that appears more supple and younger over time. While fruits and vegetables are a great way to boost collagen naturally, this supplement speeds up the process for those who are looking to stay healthy while on the go.