Dirty Lemon's Drink Hydrates, Boosts Elasticity and Reduces Wrinkles

 - Oct 10, 2017
References: dirtylemon
Dirty Lemon's '+collagen' is a daily beauty tonic that is made with a base of filtered water, pure lemon juice, plus cayenne, pink Himalayan sea salt, ocean minerals, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides.

For best results, the brand suggests consuming the hydrating beverage on a daily basis, as the marine collagen peptides have been clinically proven to support wrinkle reduction and boosted skin elasticity. As these beverages are meant to be consumed daily, they are sold by the case. After consumption, Dirty Lemon notes that "90% of the marine collagen peptides are absorbed into your bloodstream." In comparison to collagen sourced from beef or poultry, Dirty Lemon claims that hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides are more bioavailable.

Dirty Lemon's other beverages are enriched with other natural ingredients like charcoal, ginseng, matcha and rose, each of which boasts a different functional benefit.