From Recycled Linen Programs to Kitchen Scrap Cocktails

 - Nov 26, 2017
From recycled linen programs to kitchen scrap cocktails, the November 2017 eco trends demonstrate that upcycling remains popular among brands and conscious consumers.

When it comes to brands that are using upcycling to create new products, Veerah is an industry pioneer. Instead of using traditional textiles, the brand makes gorgeous vegan leather shoes out of the fibers extracted from leftover apple peels. Another brand changing the textile game is Coyuchi, with its subscription program that involves recycling old linens to make brand new ones.

Of course, it is not just brands that are using upcycling to establish a more sustainable business model. Indeed, the November 2017 eco trends reveal that consumers are also making an effort to cut down on waste by repurposing old products. For instance, kitchen scraps are now being saved in order to make creative and tasty cocktail creations.