'BellCycles' Introduces a Completely Reinvented Bicycle

 - Oct 2, 2017
References: bellcycles & instagram
A NYC engineer has reinvented the bicycle by creating a DIY bicycle invention. The bike is smaller, less expensive and lighter than a normal bike -- also, this bike comes in pieces like a giant LEGO set. It is up to the user to put it together.

The BellCycles bike is front wheel drive, hasn't been seen since the days of the Penny Farthing, but it has series of pivots and springs which remove any instability.

The bike is also modular. Users may convert it into a cargo bike, a tricycle/trike, a tandem and more. This BellCycles design is for the future engineer in your life. This is for the maker, fixer, tinkerer, gearhead, bike nerd and all-around cool person.