- Nov 26, 2017
Consumers who are unable to purchase the items that they desire are prepared to pull up their sleeves and create their own, as these November 2017 DIY ideas indicate. Some of the goods that today's consumers are prepared to make include everything from autonomous toy cars and DIY eye test kits to conductive ink lamp kits.

To help consumers speed up the process of making beverages from scratch, which can be a rewarding but time-consuming process, brands are releasing products like single-serve cold brew tea bags and DIY nut milk pouches that are pre-packaged with pulp to be freshly "milked" as an alternative to dairy drinks.

One of the most unique DIY kits is a 'Grow It Yourself' lamp shade that can be created from mushroom substrate, water and flour.

From Autonomous Toy Cars to 3D Printer Backpacks: