Naomi Wu Crafted a Wearable 3D Printer from a Modified Baby Carrier

 - Oct 7, 2017
Naomi Wu, also known as "SexyCyborg" is known for making a variety of unconventional 3D-printed gadgets and accessories, and recently created her own wearable 3D printer using a baby carrier.

The video sponsored by additive manufacturing company BIQU features the 2017 BIQU MAGICIAN 3D Printer New Generation Mini Kossel Delta 3 D Printing Machine and a setup that makes it possible to cart around the tabletop system on one's back. In the making of the wearable 3D printer, Wu also used a set of custom-designed 3D-printed clamps.

To show how well the system holds together, Wu took her creation to the streets and even sported the 3D printer backpack on the subway. As she walks around, there is a pink object that can be seen slowly coming to live in the mobile 3D printer.