The Bellcycle's Reduced Weight Helps Children Enjoy A Breezy Ride

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: newatlas & newatlas
The Bellcycle is an elegantly engineered and thoughtfully designed balance bike, designed by New York City-based cycling innovator Alex Bell, that is designed to combine the joy of building your own bike with the advantages of lightweight riding.

Sold in the form of a DIY kit, the Bellcycle must be assembled before it can be enjoyed in its light, 9-kilogram completed form. One of the unique features of this balance bike is the fact that it doesn't have one axis of rotation for steering like most bikes, but instead features a pair of rotation points, allowing for increased stability. What's more, it can also be used in the form of a tricycle.

Rewarding to assemble and even more pleasing to ride, the Bellcycle takes the age-old balance bike segment to a more interactive level than ever before.