Harris Tea Co. Now Offers Pre-Sweetened Cold-Brewed Tea Bags

As simple as it is to make one's own cold-brewed teas at home, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming process. To remedy this, Harris Tea Co. is launching a collection of pre-sweetened, zero-calorie cold brew sweet tea bags under its Southern Breeze Sweet Tea brand.

The Southern Breeze Sweet Tea collection of single-serve cold brew teas includes varieties like Original, Peach, Raspberry and Half & Half, each of which is artificially sweetened with the sugar substitute Sucralose.

Although the process of making DIY cold brew tea from scratch can take from anywhere between four to 10 hours at home, a bag of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea can be prepared in as little as five minutes; to do so is as simple as steeping a tea bag in cold water and then pouring the brew over ice.