Goodnuss' 'Milk It Yourself' Pouches Make Healthy, Mess-Free DIY Nut Milk

 - Oct 25, 2017
References: indiegogo & goodnuss.myshopify
Many health-conscious consumers know that store-bought nut milk beverages are filled with stabilizers and gums, but will still purchase them because it is easier to do so than making their own DIY almond milk. This process generally calls for nuts to be soaked, blended and strained, which can be both messy and time-consuming. Goodnuss is a start-up that is out to change this with its 'Milk it Yourself' sacks.

These patented pouches are packed with freshly made, pre-blended pulp that makes it possible for nut milk drinkers to easily add water, shake, strain and consume. Once the bags have been used, the reusable pouches may be returned and refilled to make a fresh batch of nut milk.