Pressed Juicery and Mendocino Farms Make Vegetable Patties from Juice Pulp

 - Oct 4, 2017
References: instagram
California-based sandwich chain Mendocino Farms and Pressed Juicery recently joined forces to create the 'Rescued Vegetable Burger,' which is made with vegetable patties prepared from leftover juice pulp.

The pulp used in the making of these burgers finds a way to creatively repurpose hundreds of pounds of scrap carrots, beets, spinach, kale and lettuce that would otherwise go to waste. Along with these nutrient-dense vegetables, the patties are fortified and flavored with spices, brown rice, grilled onions and beans.

The vegan Rescued Vegetable Burger is served on a butterless brioche bun with a dairy-free Thousand Island dressing, vegan cheese and additional vegetable toppings. As Mendocino Farms co-founder Mario De Poro describes "It takes like veggies, but there is a moistness to it. It has a savory, umami quality."