Horse Manure and Used Bedding Can Be Used to Generate Electricity

 - Oct 21, 2017
References: fortumhorsepower & springwise
The utility company Fortum turns horse manure into a renewable energy source. Based in Finland, Fortum uses biological waste in a circular energy generation system that is capable of powering a horse show. The Helsinki International Horse Show will be entirely powered by this alternative form of energy.

The HorsePower system, according to SpringWise, "uses recycled materials to provide a bedding management service for stable-owners, as well as energy." Wood byproducts are used in horse stables for bedding. The used bedding plus horse manure is collected and taken to Fortum's power plant, where it's burned to produce heat and electricity. The 250 horses attending the Helsinki horse show will have bedding provided by Fortum, which will create enough waste for the event's lighting, scoreboards and other electricity-based needs.