XYST Serves Cocktails Made with Repurposed Ingredients

 - Oct 27, 2017
References: matthewkenneycuisine & wellandgood
While the majority of kitchen scraps may be destined for the compost, XYST is a plant-based eatery that is now putting discarded—yet useful—ingredients to good use for the creation of cocktails. In collaboration with XYST's plant-based chef Matthew Kenney, New York bartender Meaghan Dorman is creating inventive drinks like the Reverse Monarch with cucumber trimmings. As Dorman describes, their combined efforts "ensure we use ingredients to the best of their potential and do not keep perishable items around that may go to waste."

The Vineyard Sun cocktail squeezes another beverage out of used tea bags, while the Crimson Spritz integrated juice from fruits that are "too ugly to plate."

This mindful approach to the creation of food and beverages helps to minimize waste and transform edible items into everything from syrup to garnishes.