This Bike Highway in the Netherlands is Paved with Toilet Paper

 - Oct 10, 2017
References: businessinsider & citylab
The Dutch province of Friesland is re-purposing toilet paper to pave a bike highway, marking this design the world's first bike lane to be paved with the material.

The Netherlands is an incredibly bike-friendly country, boasting an enormous 35,000 kilometers of bike paths. Although the investment in bicycle roadways leads to a greener future, the country continues to seek innovative ways to reduce its environmental foot print. This road way, paved by recycled toilet paper, serves as an iteration of this philosophy, offering a greener alternative to traditional methods of paving.

The roadway stretches an approximate 0.6 miles long and connects to the town of Stiens, serving as a valuable addition to the community, while re-purposing the 18,000 tons of toilet paper that is used in the Netherlands, each year.