ProVent's Hemp Patches Soothe Pain with Motion-Activated Heat Technology

 - Nov 21, 2018
References: proventhealth & prnewswire
Those who suffer from inflammation, swelling and arthritis have the potential to benefit from the use of pain relief patches, which are easily applied and fast-acting. ProVent's new Hemp Patches release hemp and 'Hotact,' which provides a warming effect to a targeted area of skin covered by the patch. The patch is beneficial for providing relief from sore, painful muscles through motion-activated heat technology.

Alongside the release of its new Hemp Patch, ProVent also launched a Wart Remover made with 100% natural ingredients and botanicals. Both of these new products speak to ProVent's mission to empowering consumers with simple, natural remedies to common problems. ProVent's product line also includes products that address everything from motion sickness and vertigo to skin tags.