These Patches Offer a Non-Addictive Alternative to Soothing Pain

 - Mar 29, 2018
References: medicalxpress
For the millions of people that suffer from long-term pain, opoids and stronger medications are one of the few forms of relief. While effective, these medications often result in complications that include insomnia, liver damage, low blood pressure and addiction. To combat this, researchers have been striving toward the development of a chronic pain patch which intends to "help patients effectively participate in managing their own pain without fear of becoming dependent on medications."

The patch will provide localized relief using a non-addictive medication called Lidocaine. Once the patch is placed on the area, the topical medicine can be absorbed into the skin, offering relief. Meanwhile the patch will warm up to sooth and relax the muscles, keeping the patient as comfortable as possible during these personal pain management sessions.