- Dec 15, 2018
These cozy holiday gifts range from pressure therapy blankets to staycation-inspired loungewear collections. While examples like the Solace therapeutic weighted blanket encourage rest and relaxation with premium-grade materials and a design that is proven to boost one's melatonin levels, others like Kakao Friends' Hotel collection encourage self care sessions spent at home.

In addition to chic loungewear and bedding that is specially designed to emulate the feeling of human touch, other cozy holiday gifts to note include the multifunctional 'SHO' chair by Pan Biwei -- a furniture piece that can transition from a cozy and plush seat into a comfortable single bed -- along with the 'Troll Chair' by Anastasia Nysten which boasts a similar design consisting of layered cushions that overflow for maximum relaxation and comfort.

From Pressure Therapy Blankets to Staycation-Inspired Loungewear: