Bundle Beds' Portable Sleeping Solutions Provide Warmth and Comfort

 - Jul 3, 2018
References: indiegogo
Those who frequently travel or who like to spend their summer nights camping are likely to find the sleeping solutions from Bundle Beds appealing, given that they allow consumers to easily construct a comfortable place to rest wherever and whenever they need.

Bundle Beds were created is response to the cumbersome sleeping bags, mats, and inflatable mattresses that were already available on the market that were either too difficult to feasibly pack on a trip, or not comfortable enough to provide a restful night's sleep. The solution was to come up with a much more compact variation, that didn't require any additional equipment. With this in mind, Bundle Beds was able to combine a self-inflating mattress, duvet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, and a pillow case all in one package that weighs just 14 pounds for a standard adult-sized bed.

In addition to being great for camping, festivals, and other outdoor activities, Bundle Beds are ideal for college students who tend to host friends, children's sleepovers, and much more.