The 'Drinki' Hydration Tracker Bottle Communicates with You

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: yankodesign
The 'Drinki' hydration tracker bottle is designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind to ensure you aren't neglecting your need for liquids throughout the day. Designed by Yifeng Qin, the 'Drinki' works by incorporating a display on the side that will do double duty to track the temperature of the beverage within and how often you're taking a sip. This means that you'll know when your tea or coffee is at the optimal temperature for consumption and if it's time to drink more water.

The 'Drinki' hydration tracker bottle uses smiley faces to communicate with the user to encourage consumption in a gamified manner. As consumers seek out digital accessories to maintain a healthier lifestyle, we'll likely continue to see more concepts like the 'Drinki' coming about.