The Fitbit Ionic and Versa Watches Include Female Health Tracking

 - May 8, 2018
References: techcrunch
Fitness trackers and wearables regularly monitor things like sleep and exercise, but Fitbit is looking to expand the specificities of its products with a slew of female health tracking features. The most notable of those is a menstruation-tracking app that uses a combination of user input and passive tracking to help women keep tabs on their cycles.

The app tracks lots of information related to menstruation. Of course, it includes information related directly to ovulation, including when in the calendar ovulation should be happening. Beyond that, the app lets women input information related to their periods themselves, such as the degree of the flow (from spotty to heavy), the qualities of the fluids discharged, and any conditions associated with the period, like cramps, tender breasts, or acne.