Sunkwink's Collection of Beverages Offer Various Health Benefits

 - Nov 7, 2017
References: drinksunwink & kickstarter
Sunwink Herbal Tonics is a beverage brand that aims to offer drinks that are nutritious and flavorful.

Herbal tonics are beverages that are brewed with herbs, which provide the majority of their flavor and nutritious qualities. The Sunwink collection features three different beverages, the first being the De-Stress Hibiscus which contains ashwagandha and tulsi, along with cardamom, lime juice, lemon juice, honey and monk fruit. The second product in the collection is the Detox Ginger which contains cinnamon, cherry stems, lemon balm, ginger root and more, while the third is the Immune Boosting Berry, which contains elder berry, goji berry, rose hips, astralagus, and more.

Each beverage in the collection is between 35-45 calories, and contains 6-7 grams of sugar.