The Begutea Blends Antioxidants and Vitality to Increase Brain Function

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: begu & trndmonitor
The Begutea is a specially blended mix of herbs and antioxidants designed to help improve brain function early in the morning. The tea contains natural ingredients and flavors to naturally stimulate the body and mind so it can operate at its full capacity all day long. The tea is a natural alternative to energy drinks or capsules, offering a much more wholesome alternative to stimulating the body.

The tea is known as "Morning Buzz" and comes prepackaged in tea sachets for easy daily consumption. The blend contains natural caffeine as well as green tea, ginseng and yerba mate to boost cognitive function and alertness. The tea is designed to be taken first thing in the morning, to stimulate the mind and body so it can be put to work immediately.