From Popcorn-Infused Flavors to Herbal Tree Teas

 - Oct 17, 2016
There is no question that there exists a world of possibilities when it comes to tea flavors and these loose leaf options reveal how diverse the healthy drinks truly are.

The company 'Teapigs' features one of the more unusual flavors that most people do not associate with the nutritious beverages -- and that is popcorn. Its tea bags contain green tea leaves as well as tiny pieces of popcorn that result in a unique, albeit unusual, tea drinking experience.

'Teatox' provides loose leaf teas that reveal the medicinal benefits that the dynamic beverages are able to offer. Its organic teas are touted as the perfect alternative to laxatives that are not harmful to the body or excessive in their function.

Whether it is providing a unique flavor or offering medicinal benefits, companies are aware of the popularity of this once Asia-specific beverage and are turning that popularity into a competitive advantage by offering products that are increasingly distinctive or functional.