The Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea is Made Using Fresh Pine Needles

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: juniperridge & thegreenhead
The Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea by Juniper Ridge offers a refreshing return to antiquated hot beverages with a sustainable tea made from freshly collected pine needles. The earthy and all-natural loose leaf blend captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest region in a rustic edible product.

Pine needles have been used for generations in cooking, and this Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea revives this tradition with a blend of pine needles collected from the mountainous area along the Pacific Northwest. The needles are then dried and loosely packed as tea that can be steeped and served for as a non-caffeinated bot beverage. The herbal tea has a distinct earthy aroma and taste to it that is almost minty due to the freshness of the Douglas Fir pine.