Selgascano's 'Second Home' Design Features Thousands of Plants

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: & fastcodesign
'Second Home' is a coworking space with a new location in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Madrid-based architecture firm Selgascano. The space makes use of the bounty of benefits provided by flora. Colorful in and of itself, the color those working in it are most likely to take note of is green, since the space is packed full of more than 2,000 plants.

Beyond the straightforward aesthetic beauty of a space filled with plants, the new Lisbon Second Home's verdant design solves a few common problems with coworking spaces. Firstly, the plants serve as partial visual barriers between different sections of the space, creating impromptu barriers when private work is necessary. Secondly, the plants naturally dampen sound to aid people in focus while working.

The flora, which includes over 2,000 individual potted plants and more than 100 species of trees, are maintained by local Portuguese gardeners.