From Celebrity Architecture Classes to Stacked Double Houses

 - Apr 1, 2017
Considering the millennia of history behind architecture as a whole, it's hard to imagine that the March 2017 architecture trends could manage to put forward completely novel shapes. Nonetheless, they do so, offering buildings that can look almost paradoxical at a glance yet are authentic forms.

One example of these architectural paradoxes is House QM, a family residence in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Gistel, Belgium. Due to the town's strict zoning laws, the home was built with abstractly canted angles that provide alternative views while still adhering to the laws in place.

Architectural innovations in March of 2017 weren't just limited to private homes, however. Zaha Hadid Architects' Leeza SOHO building in Beijing's financial district has a stunning, 190-meter atrium that rises from the ground floor all the way to the glass ceiling — making it the tallest atrium in the world.