AART Architects is Turning Aarhus Municipal Hospital into a Campus

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: aart.dk & archdaily
AART Architects, a firm based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, has recently won a competition to create the newest campus for Aarhus University. Rather than building a new campus from scratch, AART Architects has been tasked with the unique challenge of repurposing and redesigning a previously used space: that of Aarhus Municipal Hospital.

One of the chief features of the new Aarhus University campus will be its heavy incorporation of red brick facades. The original Aarhus Municipal Hospital buildings were built with red brick, and indeed many of the surrounding houses in the neighborhood have that red brick facade as well. That design aspect is part of the heritage of the area, as red brick was an inexpensive and popular building material when the buildings were erected in the 1930s.