The Paris Orly Airport Radar Tower has an Architectural Design

The Paris Orly airport radar tower, like all air traffic control towers, is a piece of infrastructure. But while infrastructure serves practical, utilitarian purposes, the Paris Orly airport radar tower is unique from other common infrastructural buildings. While most infrastructure focuses on engineering above form, either being completely hidden or unconcerned with aesthetics, the Paris Orly airport radar tower has an interesting and attractive look.

Designed by Barthélémy Griño Architectes, the radome (or radar dome) atop the structure is supported by a fascinatingly mid-century modern lattice. The structure only exists to raise the radome over 60 meters into the air so that it can communicate at distance. As such, the lattice itself is completely hollow except for a steel stairacase by which air traffic controllers and technicians are able to enter the radome.