Villa N1 Features Cute, Gabled Residences with Modern Interiors

 - Feb 9, 2017
References: jonaslindvall & archdaily
From the outside, the volumes in Villa N1 look like oversize versions of children's playhouses or Lincoln Log homes. However, the small villa in Sweden features interiors that adhere to the Scandinavian school of design, deftly matching cute nostalgia with crisp minimalism.

Each of the volumes in Villa N1 (of which there are five) is clad in identical timber siding. Further, these volumes all stand the same height and have similarly gabled structures. In fact, the only discernible exterior variation between the volumes is that they alternate between longer and shorter lengths. The overall impression is one of a child who carefully laid out toys during playtime.

The interiors of Villa N1 couldn't portray a more different aura. They utilize grays and whites, with smooth walls and floors — some of which are made from granite slabs. As such, Villa N1 achieves the best of both worlds.