Vendelso Hage Preschool was a Collaborative Project

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: linkarkitektur & archdaily
Vendelso Hage Preschool in Vendelso, Sweden, is a strikingly designed building that's the result of a collaboration between many partners in both architectural and educational industries. Led by LINK arkitektur, the project involved contributions from a wide array of companies including Friendly Building, Hemfosa Properties, and Pysslingen preschools.

Interestingly, the design of Vendelso Hage Preschool seems to indirectly reference its diverse background. The building features abstractly shaped and placed windows around its facade, and the exterior walls are further punctuated by patternless shocks of bright yellow. However, rather than giving off a disjointed appearance, the building feels playful and charming — fitting descriptors for the most common inhabitants of the preschool.

Vendelso Hage Preschool incorporates both prefabricated modules and originally designed volumes in order to satisfy the program requirements of the curriculum.