Toranoko Nursery has a Stunning View of Mount Fuji

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: tksgymst & archdaily
Located only a few kilometers away from the base of Mount Fuji in Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture, Toranoko Nursery has a design that contrasts distinctly with the legendary peak. Rather than mimicking the classic shape of a mountain with sharply gabled roofing or angular shapes, Toranoko Nursery has a smooth, bulbous, flowing roof made from light wood.

The gentle, lolling curves of the nursery not only serve as a visual counterpoint to the mountain in the distance, but those curves also act as dividers that separate the various areas within the space. Toranoko employs an open concept, but spaces nonetheless need to be demarcated, especially considering that children spend so much time inside. The crests and troughs of the wooden roof delineate the spaces, separating the nursing room from the lunch room, the garden from the terrace, et cetera.