'Popices' Creates Outdoor Offices for Startups and Freelancers to Use

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: popices.club & betalist
The popularity of the pop-up shop in the consumer goods market is being adopted in the business world with the 'Popices' startup that creates outdoor offices for startups to utilize.

Based in Amsterdam, 'Popices' creates outdoor, pop-up offices (hence the name) that are located in and around the city in different, unexpected locations. This could include offices being on a rooftop, on a beach, in a park or perhaps even floating around on a boat.

'Popices' looks to create outdoor offices that are focused on collaboration and networking for those within the startup industry. Being that vital business connections are often made in co-working spaces, 'Popices' looks to help adapt the shared indoor office into something that's geared towards getting outside and enjoying everything the city has to offer.