Wiesenhof is Selling Vegetarian Versions of Popular German Dishes

Although Wiesenhof is one of Germany's largest poultry purveyors, the company recently began selling a range of vegetarian products that includes vegan schnitzel and veggie nuggets. The change is part of a response to the growing number of German consumers who are interested in incorporating more meat alternatives into their diet.

Wiesenhof's new vegetarian lineup includes a wide range of products that include popular German dishes. One of the most unique items available is the vegan schnitzel, which is made from rice flakes and rice flour. The schnitzel even comes in a portable container for eating on the go.

While Wiesenhof's new vegetarian-friendly products are unlikely to appeal to long-time vegetarians due to the association with the meat-producing brand, the range is likely to be a hit among more flexible consumers looking for easy meat alternatives.