From Food Truck-Inspired Chips to Candy Bar-Flavored Desserts

 - Aug 28, 2016
The August 2016 food product trends reveal that consumers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting flavor combinations. Whether it is through the use of exotic ingredients or a combination of two unlikely brands, unconventional food products are becoming much more common on store shelves.

One of the most popular ways that food companies are elevating their products is by borrowing inspiration from other cuisines. Indeed, the rise of international travel means that consumers are increasingly open to exotic flavors and ingredients. Some of these globally inspired food products include soybean noodle soups, vegan schnitzel snacks and sheep's milk gelato.

Additionally, the August 2016 food product trends also reveal that brands are teaming up with one another to reinvigorate familiar foods. For instance Hostess recently teamed up with Mars to add chocolate treats to its snack-sized brownies. Similarly the potato chip brand Covered Bridge recently teamed up with Greco Pizza to create donair-flavored chips.