Big Tree Farms' Coconut Nectar Serves as an Alternative to Honey

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: bigtreefarms & trndmonitor
Big Tree Farms is selling a line of Organic Coconut Nectar that can be used as a natural liquid sweetener. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for more natural sweeteners. This product serves as a vegan-friendly alternative for those who do not eat honey.

The Organic Coconut Nectar by Big Tree Farms is a liquid sweetener made from pure coconut flower blossom nectar. The nectar is not mixed with cane sugar or corn syrup and it is completed unrefined. The nectar is meant to serve as an alternative to other liquid sweeteners such as honey or agave. This means that the sweetener can be used for everything from pancakes to cold drinks.

Available in varieties ranging from Blonde to Amber, the Organic Coconut Nectar is a perfect alternative sweetener for vegans and other health-conscious consumers.