The MuffinElse Mixes Cater to Consumers Following the Paleo Diet

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: muffinelse & preparedfoods
MuffinElse is a line of instant muffin mixes that are designed for consumers following the paleo diet. While there are a number of companies making paleo-friendly food products, these prepared goods do not give consumers the same satisfaction that comes from baking their own treats. These tasty muffin mixes allow consumers to enjoy the process of baking without compromising their diet plan.

The MuffinElse line consists of instant muffin mixes that are designed around the principles of the paleo diet. The mixes are minimally processed, made without preservatives and only contain a total of eight ingredients. Additionally, the mixes are free from common food allergens such as soy, grains and dairy, making them appropriate for a wide variety of consumers.

Available in delicious flavors such as Pecan Clover, Nutty Maple and Double Chocolate, the mixes are perfect for consumers who love the taste of freshly baked treats.