'Brilliant Blue' Blue Cheese Cubes Come in Single-Serving Sizes

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: berryondairy.blogspot & samsclub
Yellow Door Creamery’s Brilliant Blue brand carries single-serving blue cheese cubes that are conveniently packaged for individual use. Until ready to use, the two-ounce cheese cubes are stored in a protective portion-controlled packaging with a flip-top lid. These cheese cubes can be sliced and melted, but promise not to crumble when snacked on individually or served as a topping.

Now that many consumers have gotten into the habit of more frequent snacking over eating large meals throughout the day, calorie-controlled snacks in single-serve portions like this example are highly appealing for providing both portability and lasting freshness.

Sold in small portions like this, these blue cheese cubes may even coax wary consumers into trying a type of cheese that is notorious for having a distinct smell and taste.