From Ice Pack-Shaped Bottles to Faux Porcelain Dessert Pots

 - Aug 27, 2016
From ice pack-shaped bottles to faux porcelain dessert pots, the August 2016 packaging trends reveal a shift towards unconventional designs. Whether it is unique shapes or unexpected materials, brands are increasingly pushing the envelope with innovative packaging designs.

One of the ways that brands have begun experimenting with different packaging is with different shapes. One example of this attempt to play with shape is the Jägermeister 'Coolpack', which comes in an ice pack-inspired bottle. Another example is Butternut Mountain Farm's Maple Syrup, which comes in a curvy squeeze bottle instead of a traditional glass container.

The August 2016 packaging trends also reveal that brands are looking for ways to experiment with different materials in order to catch the eye of consumers. This includes everything from chic eco-friendly containers to sustainable upcycled labels.