The Jägermeister 'Coolpack' Helps Consumers Drink from a Chilled Bottle

 - Jun 30, 2016
References: adeevee
In order to remind consumers that Jägermeister is a complex herbal liqueur that's best served at an icy temperature of -18°C, the brand set out to create an all-new chilled bottle to contain the product.

Jägermeister's 'Coolpack' takes inspiration from the form of an ice pack for a design that can easily be added to the freezer. Rather than encouraging the storage and consumption of the drink at room temperature, this design reminds that Jägermeister's product is best served cold, while also keeping the signature style of the branded bottle.

As well as offering a compact way to contain the beverage product, the novel design of the special-edition Coolpack also does a double duty as a functional ice pack. Multifunctional packaging designs like these speak to consumers who are interested in products with clear purposes.