Seven Point's Medicinal Packaging is Simple and Modern

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: sevenpointoakpark & thedieline
As marijuana slowly becomes criminalized, legalized or simply less taboo in society, medical marijuana dispensaries are more free to be creative with their cannabis packaging. Seven Point is a medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois that is focused on becoming more inventive in its branding.

The cannabis packaging comes in bottles, droppers and sleeves that each hold different marijuana-infused products that can be used for different purposes. The packaging is mostly black and white with the addition of bright pops of color that represent the various attributes of the strain of cannabis that the packaging holds, or that was used to make the contents of the packaging. The strains function to do several things including increasing productivity, which is represented in orange, and overcoming social discomfort -- represented in green.

This cannabis packaging clearly states the purpose of the product it holds, while remaining simple and clean. Its minimalist design works to emphasize the medicinal qualities of the cannabis it features.