BrewDog is Encouraging Consumers to Register as Organ Donors

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: brewdog & foodbev
Scottish craft brewer BrewDog recently debuted a new beer that encourages consumers to register as organ donors. With clever packaging and informational coasters, this new brew demonstrates a clever way that brands can throw their weight behind good causes.

BrewDog's newest creation is an IPA called 'Born To Die 18.08.16.' Unlike an ordinary beer, Born To Die has a shelf-life of just 35 days, which is meant to represent the short shelf-life of donated organs. Additionally, the beer comes with special coasters that include pop-out organ donor cards. These cards direct consumers to a website that will let them officially register as organ donors in the UK.

While it may sound a bit morbid, the campaign is meant to increase awareness about a very important cause. As BrewDog co-founder James Watt explains, "The UK's organ donor register is severely low and we're hoping our latest Born To Die launch will nudge more people to help others after they've shuffled off this mortal coil."